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Unlike Studio provides a one-of-a-kind, custom-design service. Each project is defined, priced, contracted and performed on an individual basis.

Once the project deliverables have been defined and time to deliver benchmarks have been established, a service contract is created and presented for client approval and signature.


To reserve your priority placement in our schedule, a deposit is required. Delivery benchmarks defined in the contract are followed by incremental payments that launch the next phase in the project. The balance is payable upon receipt of your files.


Intellectual Property Laws govern the transfer of copyright from Unlike Studio to client when the project is complete. The transfer is made when the balance of the fee is paid.


Your contact information will never be sold, rented or shared. Our website only collects cookies to validate the Contact Form. Your confidential information, files, designs and other materials will be held safe and secure. You will be heard, understood, informed and inspired. You will receive the full deliverable of the service offered: the designs, layouts, images, and applicable file formats. Your budget and schedule will be honored. We are proud of our reputation and our growing roster of satisfied clients. It is our goal to add your name to the list!

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